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Objective 1.10 Establishment and Free Exercise Clause
Objective 1.10 Establishment and Free Exercise Clause
Description : You and your students can embark on an engaging and interactive lesson that investigates the Establishment and Free Exercise Clause of the Constitution, and the protection of religious freedom in the First Amendment. This bundle has all the tools you need! This "Separation of Church and State" Bundle includes: 1) A customizable lecture that you can adjust to meet your needs and the needs of your students. This bundle includes a version of this lecture in Keynote (Mac), Powerpoint (PC), and PDF format for users of every operating system. 2) A document-based activity that enables students to critical think about how the freedom of and from religion pertain to them, and whether or not statements and sentiments that Americans feel today about state religion are supported by this essential right. It also includes historical quotations from two founding fathers - Thomas Jefferson and James Madison - and their thoughts of government and religion, providing your class with an opportunity to theorize what these founders would have thought of the separation of church and state. There is also an option to just purchase the activity with an aligned key. You can purchase that at this link.
Duration : 3m 1s
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